5 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

April 13, 2014

What is success?

The definition of success differs from person to person.
What you believe is success can be totally different to what I think about success.

I believe success is more than just accumulating massive wealth and reputation. 
  • Success is getting back on my feet every time I am thrown to the ground.
  • Success is helping make a positive difference in somebody else's life.
  • Success is failing over and over again but learning the lesson.
  • Success is respecting every individual and their capabilities.
  • Success is contributing to make the world a better place. 
We live in a society that has moulded us into believing that success is a mystery, that it is a strenuous process you have to go through to achieve your goals, that if you're not wealthy enough it's impossible to succeed. 

You must have heard or come across filthy rich people who are now broke and living on the streets. People who had everything to make it to the top but are now spending a lifetime in jail. 
Highly regarded people who were once the pride of a community or country, suddenly commit suicide out of the blue. 

Some people tend to think they are unsuccessful because according to them success is only meant for a certain category of people. They believe success is only for those who are rich, beautiful, smart and well educated.

Success cannot be  denied to anybody. We can all be successful as long as we are willing to work at it. One can achieve success regardless of status, age, assets, physical appearance and intellectual abilities.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in life and others don't? 
It's not rocket science. Successful people differ from unsuccessful people in mannerisms, habits and attitudes. 

Here are some distinguishable traits of successful and unsuccessful people.

1. Confidence vs Doubts

Confidence here doesn't mean arrogance or thinking too much of oneself. It just means believing you can. Successful people believe in their ability to succeed.They have outgoing charming personalities. They do not contradict themselves. 
They agree to learn and are humble. They don't waste time ruminating over past failures, instead take the bull by the horns. They have the ability to undertake any given task with certainty. They know exactly what it is they want to achieve and are not afraid to take risks. 

On the other hand unsuccessful people are full of doubts. They sure want to succeed but their mindset is such that it stops them from taking risks. They prefer to sail in the safe harbour than venturing into the rough seas. Whenever they are given a task they will make lame excuses and avoid doing it or exaggerate the consequences. Their lack of self esteem tricks them into believing that they are not good enough or too old to start over again. Their insecurity about themselves is what holds them back from climbing the stairs of success.

2. Appreciation vs Whining

Every one of us go through rough patches in life in varying degrees. Some of us take it as a challenge and realize that difficult times only makes us tougher. Successful people appreciate life regardless of all the pain they have gone through. They make every moment count and know that there's no gain without pain. They show appreciation for the wonderful things, behave with optimism, admire people who make a difference in their life and let go of things that brings them down. 

On the flip side unsuccessful people always find something to whine about. They have this tendency to believe they are the only ones in the world going through tough times. They disregard people doing it tougher than they are. They keep complaining about their lives to anybody they meet. They are attention seekers looking for people to sympathize with them every step of the way. What they fail to realize is that, nobody likes to be around people who constantly whinge about how life is unfair to them. 

3. Impress oneself vs Impressing Others

When you go for an interview you want to impress the interviewer. That's impressing in a good way. But when you try to buy more things than you can afford just to make believe you are rich is impressing in a wrong way. Successful people are those who believe in impressing themselves. They don't care what the world thinks or says about them. They practice in becoming their best self, eventually leading others to be impressed and motivated by what they do.

Whereas unsuccessful people try hard to impress others. They go to unspeakable lengths to impress others. They buy flashy cars, clothes and holidays just to impress others. They  are pretentious and put on a mask to make you believe something they are not. They badly want to fit in and be recognized. They give the false impression that they know what they are doing but in reality they don't have a clue. They want to get the approval of others without having to lift a finger.

4. Pro activity vs Procrastination

Successful people are always on the move. Their pro active nature helps them attain their goals. They work consistently, maintaining momentum and try their best not to waste time. Being pro active puts successful people at the right place at the right time.They are motivated towards fulfilling their dreams. They focus their energy on important things and know how to prioritize tasks.

Whereas unsuccessful people procrastinate regularly. They keep putting off tasks for tomorrow. They are busy doing nothing, whiling away considerable amount of time. 'Tomorrow' always seems to be the perfect time to start. But for some reason 'tomorrow' never seems to come and the task remains incomplete. They miss out on golden opportunities, becoming lazy and inefficient. They often fail to meet set deadlines, resulting in unnecessary stress and pressure.

5. Taking responsibility vs blaming others

Successful people assume responsibility for their actions. They know that they are solely responsible for the decisions they make. They earn the respect of others while doing so. Taking responsibility for your actions is a sign of maturity and courage. 

Unfortunately unsuccessful people take the easy way out by blaming others. They believe taking responsibility means accepting defeat. They feel they will lose their self esteem if they were to apologize. They defend themselves at all times. They ultimately become depressed, angry, irritating and revengeful.

These five points are but a few differences between successful and unsuccessful people. I believe this post may be used as a guide to help you know yourself better and help you decide what it is you want to achieve in life.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.
They make mistakes but they don't quit" Conrad Hilton

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