Why Smile? Because it's Always In Style

June 01, 2014


A SMILE :- Simple yet Complex. It is such an underrated facial expression. 
Millions of people around the globe have the minimum of things, work hard as hell for a morsel of food and yet manage to put on a smile.
Whereas some of us have more than we need, we are surrounded with luxuries and comforts but still find it hard to smile. Many of us take life way too seriously and forget how important it is to smile.

I agree many of us go through lots of turmoils but I feel a simple smile makes life less stressful. 
Smiling at life, focusing on the positive is better than brooding and complaining.

This reminds me of a colleague. She was an introvert. I could feel she was hiding a lot of pain. I used to greet and talk to her with a smile but her response was always unfriendly and cold. Honestly it felt like she had taken an oath never to smile again. Nevertheless I continued giving her one of my smiles every single day.



Her smile was contagious and  it made her look much younger and beautiful.

Once she began smiling she felt more at ease relating to others.

Some people give away those fake smiles. I feel they either hate smiling or can't smile. Some are too shy or scared to smile. Some even believe their life is so full of misery they just cannot afford to smile. 

Am often asked "How do you manage to keep smiling always"?
If it wasn't for the smile I'd be down with depression.Smiling is what got me through a lot in life. 
It has been and will always be my antidote to any uncomfortable situation.
I believe smiling is the best, beautiful and free of cost accessory that I have. 
So I make unlimited use of it. I feel alive when I smile.
I simply wish to grow old having heaps of laughter and smile wrinkles. 
At least I will have stories to tell. 

Never underestimate the positive effects a smile can have on your life and those around you.

A new research shows that those who smile often are less likely to have heart conditions.

SMILE like you mean it.
A smile enhances your face value.
SMILE...It's good for your health. It releases positive endorphins.
A Smile can boost your self-esteem.
SMILE to break free from stress.
When you smile, people will  feel comfortable around you.
A hearty smile is enough to dissipate any existing confusion.
SMILE.. Because somebody might be falling in love with you and your smile.

Stop taking life too seriously and start SMILING:)

Because You're Never Fully Dressed Without A SMILE:)

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