8 Simple Ways To Let Go of Hurtful Pasts

October 10, 2014

"When the past calls, let it go to voicemail, it has nothing new to say"
Mandy Hale

Are you unable to let go of past hurts?

Do you feel your past holding you hostage?

Finding it tough to move on as past thoughts keep haunting you?

Do you often have meltdowns & can't seem to take control of your thoughts & feelings?

Let's face it, we all have bad memories we wish we could easily get rid of, but it's not as simple as that. Our brains need training to be able to keep things under control. Teaching our brains  to let go of what makes us unhappy & concentrate on things that brings us happiness, is a herculean task & doesn't happen overnight. One will need a fair dose of will power & love of life to get started. Your family & friends can encourage, but in the end it will come down to you. Letting go of painful memories will make way for abundance in your life. 

I am about to give you few simple ways you can put in practice if you wish to lessen the burden of past hurts. 
These helped me a great deal over the years & got me through my share of pain & disappointments.
I am sincerely hoping these will be of help to anybody out there willing to move forward in life.

1. Create fond memories

If all you seem to have are painful memories, it's time to start creating good ones. Whether it means taking a holiday, throwing a party, going out with family & friends or taking loads of photos....Grab every opportunity to create memorable moments. It will  be all worth it when you'll back. 

2. Look for support

Getting through tough times & moving forward can be tough if you're on your own. Try to keep yourself surrounded by a strong support system &  people who encourage & boost your morale whenever needed.

3. Spend time doing what you love

The trick to getting over anything disheartening is to keep oneself preoccupied by doing things we love. This way you'll hardly have any time left to think about bygones. Whenever you find yourself taking a step back in the not so good old days, you know it's time to channel your mind towards the things you love doing.

4. Embrace new horizons

Do you know the effect  new surroundings or a new job can have on your mind & life?
One of the best ways to move on is to change place. Give yourself a fresh start by embracing change. You'll  thank yourself for that in years to come.

5. Follow your dreams

Has you been forced to put a hold on your dreams because your past self won't let go?
Now that you want to move on there's no better time than to get back on track & chase your dreams.
Fulfill your dreams so you can look with no regrets.

6. Let go but don't forget

There is a fine line between letting go & forgetting what happened to you in the past. Never forget what happened to you. Allow your past to fire you up to achieve what you want. Let it serve as a life experience. Mistakes of our past are our best teachers. Bear that in mind & move on!

7. Write it down

Thinking about the past can be absolutely ovewhelming. It can often mess with our brains leading to unwanted mental issues. Try putting those happenings down in words. Whether it means writing it down & burning it off, or keeping a diary, just write it down as it is. Having kept diaries for years now, I can tell you there's something therapeutic & comforting about it. Worth giving it a shot!

8. Love Thyself

Last but not least, you need to 'Love Yourself'. Many of us underestimate the power of loving oneself. We forget that to be loved & respected we have to love ourselves first. You really have to practice self-love to move on & get anything done in this world. Love yourself & be proud of everything you do.


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  1. Very helpful tips, though difficult but your ideas seems to useful n may work wonders... once again a great one from your treasure.. keep it up👍✌


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