Your Power! Stop Giving It Up

October 05, 2014

Has the feeling of being powerless ever occurred to you?
That feeling of having no control over your own life.
The feeling of an invisible power snatching everything from you.
Well let me tell you, YOU' RE NOT ALONE!

We've all felt this way at some point in time.
But who's responsible for that to happen? 
Fate? Destiny? Your surroundings?
Of course not. YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE.  Yes...YOU ALONE!

We are all confronted by complicated situations & difficult people throughout a lifetime. Our reaction towards particular situations & people,determines whether we disempower or empower ourselves. 

We often consciously/unconsciously give away our power & by the time we realize it, we're stuck knee deep in soil.

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Dig yourself out before it's too late!! 

I have below compiled a list of ways in which you're giving away your power. 

- YOU Constantly Obsess About What Others Think Of You
Hey my dear friend, get this straight. What others think of you is none of your business. What you think of yourself is what matters most. If you feel comfortable in your skin nodody else's thoughts or opinions about you should affect you.

- YOU Keep Thinking About Past Mistakes

Let's all be honest here. Including me:) 
We all tend to beat ourselves up over past mistakes, carrying unnecessary burden. Little do we realize that in doing so we affect our present & future. What we need to learn to do is, let bygones be bygones.  Use those mistakes as stepping stones,but don't let it be an obstacle in your path towards a meaningful & successful life.

- YOU Rarely Attempt To Have Your Say

This often occurs in relationships. You prefer keeping your opinions to yourself for fear of creating disturbances. When you don't have your say, you are more likely to create damage than when you actually speak out. So if you have something in mind just make yourself heard! Doesn't cost a cent!

- YOU Compare Yourself To Others 

STOP IT! You are a unique masterpiece. Comparing yourself to others is insanity, an insult to your own true self. Nobody in this world can be more YOU than YOU. If you're bent on comparing, then compare yourself to your past self. 

- YOU Plead To Be Loved 

I just don't know where to start on this one. There so much I could tell you about this. 
But to keep it short.

I've come across so many people begging to be loved. That's the worst mistake you can ever make. You lose your self-respect & self-esteem when you plead to be loved in return. You can never have control over a person's emotions towards you. All you have to do is to be your real self. If you're loved the way you are, that's good. But if you're not, just walk away. Simple as that!

- YOU Are A 'YES' Man

Personally this has been my point of weakness for ages. Until, it dawned on me that everytime I was saying 'YES', when I actually meant 'NO', I was denying myself of so many opportunities. It became clear, that I had to prioritize what was important to me, think twice & if the situation demanded NO for answer, that's what I'd go for. Some people wouldn't take NO for answer. Oh well! I am NO PEOPLE-PLEASER. Nor should you be.

- YOU Tolerate Injustice 

How often have you silenced yourself in the face of injustice? 
How often have you stood up against injustice? 
Do you reliaze that when you remain neutral in situations of injustice, you are unconsciously on the oppressor's side. If we all raise our voice against greed, human trafficking & freedom oppressors, the world would be a better place. 

- YOU Feel Sorry For Yourself.

Has something horrible happened to you?
Are you a victim of a terrible wrongdoing?
Did it have a negative impact on your life?
I honestly sympathise with you, if you have gone through anything that brought you down to your knees. But what's the point of constantly feeling sorry for yourself? It will only bring you down & create issues in your immediate surroundings. What you have to learn to do is, get over the feeling of being sorry for yourself. Use that situation to help others. Talk about it to raise awareness. Allow it to fire you up & take you to new heights. 

- YOU Allow Drama & Naysayers In Your Life

Drama doesn't just creep into your life overnight. You either invite it, create it or associate with people who bring tons of it in your life. 

Why do you keep complaining that Miss X or Mr Y have been bitching about you? Why do you listen & feel hopeless when people say 'YOU CAN'T' or 'YOU WON'T'? 

What I do in such situations is:- Either cut those people off or remove myself from the equation. 
Come on folks! Don't let drama ruin your peace of mind or allow small minds  to control you. Instead, allow those naysayers to drive you towards greatness:)

It doesn't end here. There are thousands of other ways in which you give away your power. 
Bu,t I believe these should be sufficient to sum up the fact that it's time you held on tight to your power. It's precious & yours to keep. Don't give it out to those who will take advantage of it. 

If you'd like to add anything else to this topic feel free to drop your comments below.
Cheers folks!

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