6 Do'S & Don't's When Starting Something New

November 20, 2014

Are you looking to start something new?  But still feel stuck?
Are you dialling yourself back without wanting to do so?
What is it that's holding you back?

Ever wondered why you let go of those dreams & fantastic life changing ideas,
even before you start working on them?

I understand that, starting anything new can be overwhelming & filled with uncertainty & discomfort.
Many times in the past,  I've had dreams to start something exciting, but down the line I'd pull the emergency brake.

WHY????  Because  I would allow my mind to take control.
If my mind told me "it's impossible" I'd stop.
That little voice in my head always had the upper hand on me.

But gradually I've learnt to force myself out of my head whenever I feel negative .
I tell myself what's the worst that can happen. 
You know what? It's simple to get what you want but it's not easy.

Here's 6 Do's & Don't's I believe you could try if you wish to achieve your dreams & live better.

1. Be Bold Not Scared

Are you letting fear dictate your life? Is that how you choose to live?
Fear is a destroyer of dreams. The moment you give fear power, it ruins your life like wildfire.
Fear can cripple you for the rest of your life if you don't take action.
How can you possibly avoid feeling scared?
If you want to take control you need to know what it is you're scared about.

Visualize you fears. How do they look? Do they look like monsters ready to harm you?
I am sure your answer would be 'NO'. Then you're simply making the situation worse than it really is.
If the above isn't working for you, talk to anybody who has transcended fear.
If you'd like to go further, talk to a counsellor or life coach.
There's nothing to be ashamed about. It's human to feel scared.
But make sure not to act like a victim. Don't look for pity. 
Speak what it is you feel & take in the strategies of overcoming fear.

2. Be Unique/ Avoid Comparison

How many times have you abandoned your dreams because you were too busy comparing yourself to others? 
Let's imagine you have to give your first speech tomorrow.
You have been preparing yourself for this for a long time & feel confident. 
But at the back of your mind, you have this thought that somebody else might be better than you. 
Here you go again! Comparison! 

No two person have the same capabilities, or qualities. 
We have all been gifted with something unique, something that makes us stand out. 
Nobody can be YOU better than you.
So do you see what a waste of time comparing yourself to others really is?

Are you scared to start a business because you're scared of competition?
Do you know, that the business that's running well, has had its own tough beginnings?
Why not concentrate on what you want to offer in terms of services, products & facilities instead of comparing? 

Go out & do what you want.
People will be attracted to you if you inject your own flavours in your personality. 
Don't feel intimidated. Don't live life buttoned up.
Amplify yourself. 

3. Believe In Yourself/ Do Not Doubt Yourself

Do you often doubt yourself?
Self- doubt is a common tendency in us human beings.
If you doubt yourself before every task you risk losing a lot in life.
You might be doubting yourself because of past mistakes & unsuccessful attempts.
Instead of letting those mistakes bring you down, use them as stepping stones towards success.

Why not try this? Write down all your achievements up to date which you previously thought was not possible or had doubts about achieving.
I bet you'd have a long list. That means you have everything needed to make it big, so why allow doubts to ruin your life.

Whenever you have those doubts, re-read your accomplishments list. 
It will help you overcome insecurity & boost your confidence.

4. Be Positive/Avoid Negative Self-Talk

If you  wish to thrive at school, in business or in relationships.....you have to try & be positive as much as you can.
You cannot afford having a negative thought.
Research shows that the average person talk to themselves over 50,000 times per day. 80% of that talk is believed to be negative. Ruminating on negativity will only aggravate your present situation & future opportunities. 
Let's imagine you keep telling yourself,
"I'm not good enough, I'm too clumsy, I'm not worthy of being loved"...eventually becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
You become less confident & people start seeing you the way you project yourself. 
Negative self talk cannot be overcome overnight. 
You need to condition your mind to think nothing but positive thoughts. 
Even if you're feeling down, use positive self-talk to get yourself out of a negative situation. 
I bet you wouldn't hang out with people who bully or treat you badly, then why put up with your negative self bringing you down??
Support yourself, be gentle & compassionate to yourself. 
Communicate to yourself in a way that you would communicate to a small child.
Can you do this?

5. Act Upon It/Do Not Give Up

You have a strong wish to do something exciting...starting a new business or learning to sing or paint, but then you take so long to act upon it because you feel it would be too hard, you tell yourself that it simply won't work, making never-ending excuses, which ultimately leads to the death of the brilliant idea that made you feel so excited. You give up even before getting started. 

This is where I'd like to share Mel Robbins 5 SECOND RULE technique on TED TALK.
She explains,  whenever you have an impulse to so something, if you don't marry that impulse with an action in 5 SECONDS time, you're literally killing the idea. Isn't that true? 

Imagine you love to sing. You know you're absolutely good at it.
One day you're are spontaneously asked to come forward & sing. What do you do? 
5 4 3 2 1....5 seconds down you're either singing or you're still sitting regretting, why you didn't just get up & sing. Next time you have an impulse to do something,  use the 5 Second Rule technique. 
I am telling you it's the real deal! Take it or leave it! 
If you do take it I bet you will ACT & NEVER GIVE UP!

6.Work Hard/Do Not Slack Off

Very often successful people are believed to have 'inborn talent or are 'lucky'.
But the truth is most successful people got lucky working hard.
Remember the adage? :- The harder you work, the luckier you get!
Working hard can never be overstated.

The number one secret to anything in life is consistent hard work.
If you are starting something new, make sure you put in the required effort.
Slacking off when you're supposed to hit your hardest won't take you where you want to be.
As the old saying goes "hard work pays off". Now is your time to work as hard as you possibly can.

Be committed to one idea & give it your best shot. 
Let nothing or anybody interrupt or discourage you. 

If you have any other points or interesting link related to this blog post, feel free to drop your comments below.

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