8 Simple Things Happy Couples Do To Strengthen Their Relationships

November 28, 2014

Many relationships start up as fairytales but down the track all the magic gets lost. 
Everything seems to fall apart. Why is that?
If you're in a relationship or married for longer than a year, you would know that relationships are not all fun & flowery. Once the honeymoon period is over, there's a lot of work involved to keep your relationship as loving & fresh as when you first met.

Happy couples don't necessarily have the best of everything but they make the best out of everything that comes their way. 
Happy couples strive to find happiness in the simplest of things. 
You don't have to be perfect to be a happy couple.
You simply have to work towards creating a strong bond, embrace each other's differences & keep the love growing day after day.
If you wish to develop a happy & healthy relationship with your partner here's a few simple things we do as a couple. Try these simple yet effective methods. 
But be willing to do so as a couple. Remember it takes two to tango. 

1. Celebrate Each Other

Everybody likes to feel appreciated every once in a while. 
This is what happy couples do. They show acknowledgement  & compliment each other.

Take a habit of saying something nice & warm to each other every morning & night. 
Say more than just "I Love You"
Tell him/her of how much he/she means to you. Make them feel loved with your words.
Rarely attempting to appreciate your partner for what they do or how they look is one of the many reasons distance occurs in a relationship. 
If you haven't complimented your partner in a while now, today is the right time to do so.

Go ahead. Just do it!

2. Stay Connected

Hug, Hold hands & Kiss
Does it sound trivial? But its one of the most important gestures to grow your love & bond. 
Just imagine you had a heated argument. Talking doesn't seem to set things right.
Walking away without resolving the issue will only worsen the situation.  
Lighten  up the mood with a loving gesture. Give a big long hug & hug like you mean it. 
A loving gesture is the easiest way to dissolve all your disagreements & put yourselves on the same page again.

3. Respect Each Other Both At Home & In Public

I often see couples getting so comfortable with each other that they start swearing, taking each other for granted. Acting rudely in public. Being comfortable with each other is necessary but not at the expense of respect. 
Because what you think is 'OK' today can turn out to be painful & a heartache tomorrow. 
So give & take respect.
You can be playful & respectful at the same time. 
Learn to thank each other. Simple words of gratitude goes a long way in relationships.

4. Do As Many Things As You Can Together

You are in a relationship. Spend time for each other. 
Is your relationship in a rut? Has it lost its spark? 
Well that's because you are too preoccupied doing other things rather than spending time with your loved one. Take time out of your hectic schedule to spend quality time with each other on a daily basis. We all have commitments, constraints that makes it hard to find time to spend together. But you need to make an effort before it's too late, before you regret you had spent more time working on your relationship! 

5. Talk About Your Dreams, Goals & Objectives

Yes! Talk! TALK! TALK! Communicate!
Talk about what matters to you both.
Talk about your individual & common dreams. 
Talk about your future together. 
Looking ahead & building on your dreams will only increase your love & bring you closer than ever before.

6. Remember The Good Times

While moving ahead in a relationship it's good to reminisce about your past. 
Remember the memorable moments which involved both of you. 
Recall awesome holidays, birthdays or achievements. 
Count all the things that you've done together that lead to success. 
You'll then realize how you beautifully complement each other. Be partners in crime.

7. Carry Out Random Acts Of Kindness for Each Other

What are random acts of kindness in your home?
You don't always have to be strict in regards to who's responsible for specific household chores.
In my home, we're flexible. I usually hang out the clothes & do the dishes. 
But if my husband happens to see these chores unattended, he would happily do it. 
(Hubby will be happy reading this:)
Oh let me tell you what I do to help! I help him mow the lawn, although I'm not great at it, at least I help. Right?:) 

8. First & Foremost Be friends

My husband & I began our relationship as friends. 
We've been friends for a long time. We took time to know each other, before getting involved in a romantic relationship.
The understanding that we had as friends helped us improve our relationship as husband & wife.
Our friendship is still intact to this day. We love having fun together, wrestle each other, have pillow fights, play games, tease each other & talk about whatever we want freely. NO TABOOS!
If you want a long lasting relationship, sexual attraction alone will NOT make the cut.
Develop a friendship filled with trust, love & playfulness. 
You'll HAVE A FRIEND FOR LIFE & you'll thank yourself for that:)

I am hoping these simple steps can help you improve on your respective relationships. 
Live, laugh, love & respect. You can't go wrong. 


If you have any other suggestions on how to improve relationships, please feel free to leave your comments below

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