A Birthday Letter from My Older Self

November 24, 2014

Hello my dear Hema,
You've grown a year younger. Happy birthday gorgeous!

Allow me to introduce myself to you sweetie.
I AM YOUR FUTURE 70 YEAR OLD SELF. The time portals have opened.
I've been summoned to write a letter to anybody I wished. Well who else to write to other than you?

I have quite a number of lines on my face, but I love them because they are signs of great maturity & I'm respected for having them. I am doing very well for my age, except for some pains here & there.
Hey what can you possibly except at this age? (Giggling)
But I still enjoy every single moment of life.

You'd like to know I've increased my intakes of Lipton tea.
I now have 6 cups of tea in contrast to the 3 cups you have.

Enough with those less important talks. Let's get down to business. Shall we?
I'm writing to you to give you the greatest gift of the day. ADVICE!

Boring gift? But believe me you'll thank me after reading this:)

You know Hema, at 70 I'm really proud to be you. You never let me down.
You worked hard. You've learnt to be your humble self at every stage in life.
Wherever I go now people look up to me saying "thank you, you've made a difference in our lives"
What more can a 70 year old wish for honey?
I want to give you some advice that could help you achieve your dreams so that, when you reach 70 you feel as good or even better than I am actually feeling right now.
Ready to hear it all ? I'm sure you are:)

1. Hey sweetie...At times I feel you are too hard on yourself. You want things to be done properly.
If you fail at doing something the way you wanted, you become your own worst critic.
It's good to give your best at whatever you do but you need to balance it out.
Let go of things you can't control & be slightly more lenient with yourself.

2.Very often I see you focus on something, to the point that you seem to forget about the world.
Concentrating on what you do is great but, too much concentration can be detrimental.
Imagine you're starting up a business.
If you simply concentrate on what you do, without noticing your competition until it was too late...concentration becomes futile...isn't it?
Everything in excess is bad. So settle down. Take a brief break every 60 minutes.
Take your sight away from that screen, take a breath of fresh air & get back to whatever you were doing.You will feel good darling.

3. Last week I heard you talking to hubby saying "There's so much to do & yet so little time".
I am thrilled to know that you don't take life for granted. Life's too short. But don't get overwhelmed.
If you keep going at the pace you are going right now, you'll be able to do everything you wish to do.
I am not supposed to reveal much to you.
But as reassurance, I can tell you, at 70 you would have achieved a lot.

4. My dearest Hema, I know you are still holding on to a traumatic hurt of the past in your heart.
You've done pretty well, stopping it from crippling your life.
But if you want to feel lighter & when you feel the time is right...
Please tell it all in whatever way you want. Trust your gut feeling on this one.
You'll help make a difference. That I can guarantee you!

5. Lastly I want you to start something new.
Remember how 6 years ago you & hubby took one of the biggest risks of your lives to start from scratch in Australia? You both did absolutely well.
I know you've both had something on your minds lately. Haven't you?
I am not going to bore you going into the details.
But I can assure you, you have everything you need to get started.
You have the best partner to start what you want.
You live in a land of endless opportunities. You have the right attitude & will power.
So what are you waiting for? There will be tough times. Times when you'll feel the immense pressure. But I know you too well. You will cry so much that we could fill a well, but you will never GIVE UP!

I dare you to start this new project with the belief that YOU CAN DO IT.
Generate your own income. Enjoy your journey towards financial freedom.
Now is the right time. This is your chance to make a living while making a difference.

By the way when will you ask hubby to teach you how to ride a bicycle?
I'm hoping it will happen before the end of this year. Good luck with that:)

Hema, you are bolder & stronger than you think. Take chances.
You were not born to play safe. Don't let anyone take away your optimism.
Sweetheart make your mark on the planet in the most positive way imaginable.
Keep Smiling. Be Happy.

Once again I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Be proud of who you are. The best is yet to come.
Blessings & heaps of love from your 70 year old future self.
Enjoy your day & the year ahead:)

I better get going. The portals are about to close.

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