35 Reasons Why You Should First Love Yourself

December 08, 2014

Do you feel insecure, unloved & ill-fated?
Let me guess why you are feeling so. You are unable to love yourself and you feel unworthy.
You feel unhappy because of your weight, you're sad because you feel rejected & you think you're dumb. Your self-talks consists of negative sentences.

You'll be amazed to know, many people find all sorts of reasons to discourage and hate themselves. But you know what? None of the above has anything to do with the ability to love oneself. It's all just a bucket load of crap that you look for to put yourself down. 

You wish to be loved & appreciated but you refrain from doing that for yourself. 
It is really painful to see people ruin their own lives, willingly hurting & punishing themselves in unimaginable ways.
Would you do any of the above to a child? Would you tell a child you hate him/her ? Would you hurt a child? Then why do it to yourself? Why do you fail to see the great potential that lies in you? 
You will never be able to offer the best of yourself until, you learn to genuinely love and accept yourself. If you cannot love yourself for who you are, you will never be able to love anybody else.

You must have heard about the Law of Attraction. 
Did you know when you hate yourself or tell yourself nasty things...you actually attract those bad things? Thinking negatively about yourself creates a ripple effect which then gets projected in your day to day activities. 
Instead, if you were to affirm the love for yourself & fill your mind with positive thoughts about yourself, you attract all the good things.

Take a minute to ponder over this quote,
"The most important relationship in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself"  
Diane Von Furstenberg

Loving yourself is as important as breathing. If you haven't loved yourself yet, it's high time you did so. Be mindful, that when I ask you to love yourself, I'm not asking you to be self-centred, arrogant, introvert, boastful & inconsiderate.
I simply want you to take notice of your capabilities & showcase your talents with humility. 
Appreciate & reward yourself for your efforts, regardless of how insignificant those might seem to others. Learn to embrace your imperfections. You don't have to be perfect. Your imperfections make you human.

The moment you start loving yourself; everything else will fall into place

You will;

  1. Be able to focus on matters that require more of your attention.
  2. Have the courage & confidence to undertake any task.
  3. Be able to push yourself beyond your limits.
  4. Not accept people who manipulate you or waste your time. 
  5. Become more creative and adventurous. 
  6. Celebrate & appreciate yourself after every goal achieved no matter how insignificant that         might seem to others.
  7. Mingle with people who encourage & uplift you.
  8. Be able to understand others, help  & advise  accordingly.
  9. Let go of what you cannot change & look forward to the present & future.
  10. Chase your dreams.
  11. Be happy and proud to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, even if you're all dishevelled and without any make up.
  12. Carry out random acts of kindness.
  13. Be as authentic as possible.
  14. Be willing to learn & broaden your horizon.
  15. Act silly now & then. 
  16. Use your lone time to reflect & do things to reinvent yourself.
  17. Not look for love, because love will look for you.
  18. Refuse to be the victim and be the victor.
  19. Not make lame excuses or blame people/circumstances.  
  20. Take responsibility for your mistakes & try to change yourself. 
  21. Love your body & take good care of it.
  22. Be able to lead & guide others.
  23. Be open to meeting people from all walks of life.
  24. Embrace different cultures & traditions.
  25. Take time out to relax & pamper yourself.
  26. Use your past mistakes/ heartaches as stepping stones to help yourself & others.
  27. Believe that you can handle any situation life throws at you.
  28. Value your freedom.
  29. Always find something exciting to do.
  30. Stop attempting to please everyone because you know you can't live your life to live up to         people's expectations of how you ought to behave.
  31. Stop taking life too seriously & make time to enjoy little things that makes you happy.
  32. Value yourself & stop comparing yourself to others.
  33. Stop criticizing yourself & approve of yourself.
  34. Never compromise who you are to become who you are not.
  35. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things regardlesss of how uncomfortable you feel.

Here's a couple of techniques you could try to practice love of oneself.
Keep a diary. Every evening write down 3-5 things that you've done during the day which you were pleased about. Be entirely honest!
Read the list the following morning to motivate yourself to do better during the day. 
Now that the new year's closing in write self-love mantras every single day. 
Write those on Post It Notes & stick them wherever visible. At home in your study, kitchen, dressing room or at work at your desk. For instance "I am in love with myself" "I love being true to myself" "I am perfect the way I am" etc. 

Remember these two techniques might look simple but honestly if you give these a try for a long period of time, you will notice a considerable amount of positive change in your behavior towards yourself. 

"There's nothing more dangerous than lack of self-love. 
So put your hand on your heart & feel the love now". 
Pamela Miles

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