My Mantra:- Live Life Like There's No Tomorrow

December 18, 2014

"Live life like there's no tomorrow, because nothing's forever". 
Drake Drizzy

This was a quote I came across a few years ago. It changed the way I perceived my own life. Living like there's no tomorrow, allowed me to improve myself & achieve more than I ever thought possible. It helped me avoid putting off things for the next day. Every single day is now important & special to me.

I love & care for those who love me & do anything I can to make a difference in somebody else's life. I have loads of fun, smile for real & live life king size. Very often, when half of the world is asleep, I'm busy working on my blog post, I write my to-do lists, I look for inspiring quotes to post & talk about on my page Cre8positivelife & watch Ted Talks....
I love spending time doing anything that grows me, makes me happy & in turn helps others.

Can you remember the last time you genuinely felt overjoyed?
When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
When was the last time you worked towards making your dream come true?
If you knew exactly when you'd die would you live life differently? 
No doubt you would!

But nowadays, I see many of us out there who aren't ambitious anymore. Many are stuck in unwanted jobs, some have stopped believing in themselves, others play the waiting game.
Mindsets are such,  "I'll do it later", "It's all over now", "that's not possible", "I'll start eating healthy next month", " I'll quit smoking once Christmas & New year party's over" , "When I get time I'll work on that project of mine" ........this goes on for a while until there's barely any motivation left to do anything worthwhile.
Hence, we take it easy & keep procrastinating like we own time.

Months & years pass by & it suddenly hits hard that we've hardly done the things we wanted. We realize we consciously let go of those audacious dreams we had as young adults. Somewhere down the track we became so engrossed in our daily routines that we forgot to take care of ourselves & allowed others to convince us that our dreams or ideas were too far-fetched & unattainable.
Therefore, we end up telling ourselves we don't have what it takes or don't have the resources to make it to the top.
We live with regrets, curse ourselves or blame circumstances.

I really want to help you look at life with a lot more enthusiasm. Whatever your aspiration believe that you can achieve it. Let's imagine you were to die in a month's time. Yes in a month! A month goes as fast as in a blink of an eye. Now make a realistic list of all you would like to do during this month. 
When I say 'realistic' I mean you don't have to go becoming an astronaut or studying a doctorate degree...You have limited time. Therefore, focus on the things you believe you could do to make yourself happy & in the process bring joy to others. 

Take one hour or more to make a list of..... let's say 90 items. Considering we'll squeeze in three things to do every single day for the next 30 days. Remember One month is all you've got! So I believe you would naturally want to do as many things as possible in those 30 days. Good luck! 

Are you done with your list? Awesome!
Moment of truth!

How many things on this list had you previously considered doing?
If you did consider, how long do you think you'd take to accomplish it, if you knew you had a lifetime ahead of you?
Now you only have 30 days to live. Are you willing to procrastinate any further? I hope not.

If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to put a time limit to it. Set a deadline, no matter how small or big the task is. You'd be surprised at how much can be achieved in less amount of time. It might seem overwhelming at first but you'll get used to it & it will be worth it. Life's extremely uncertain. So have fun doing what you love. If you're not happy the way things are right now, make a positive change today. If you love somebody, go tell them today. If there are people troubling you, creating obstacles for you or making fun of your dreams, let go of them today. 
Believe me, you cannot afford to wait until tomorrow to do something that you can possibly do today. 

What's your mantra? I would love to know how you inspire yourself to live life to the fullest?
Looking forward to read your comments awesome folks:) 

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  1. Hema, what a marvellous post, evry year end we set resolution of do's n don'ts and literally end up doing nothing except in paper...appreciate your a months deadline idea n sure apprise you the result of course achieving small targets n goals gives you confidence and paves way for the bigger ones... and sure not to forget to mention that you look absolute gorgeous n stunning in this antique golden look which goes date back to history n reminds of Egyptian queen Cleopatra and king Antonio.. hv gr8 festive time ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment Sanjay Kumar. Enjoy yourself too dear friends:)


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