8 Reasons I love Australia, The Place I Now Call Home

January 26, 2015

Almost 5 years since we moved to Australia, and under a year since we were granted Australian Residency. Words aren't enough to express our love & gratitude for this country that has given us more than we could have ever asked for. I personally have a very soft spot for Australia....given that it has introduced me to hundreds of things. If it wasn't for Australia, I would never be as independent and confident as I am now, never try things that were out of my comfort zone and of course never blog. Australia has allowed me to dream big and make the most of my life.
As we celebrate Australia day, I thought of putting together a list of 8 reasons I love this country I now proudly call home.

1. Live & Let Live

We often hear people say live and let live but few actually put it in practice. Australia is a perfect example of this idiom. Do as you please. Nobody will interfere in your business. Australians are open minded, show tolerance and acceptance of other people's beliefs and way of life as long as what they do doesn't hurt anybody else.

2. Hard working & fun loving

When my husband and I migrated to Australia back in 2010, we had to work really hard given we were starting from scratch. But looking around we realized, we weren't alone. Australians are a hard working bunch of people. Amongst are thousands that work round the clock. But, Aussies are not all work and no play. They do have lots of fun travelling, partying with friends and reward themselves in many other ways.

Twelve Apostles
Great Ocean Road

Byron Bay

Dandenong Ranges Forest Bird Life

3. Beautiful locations

Breathtakingly beautiful places abound in Australia. It has no dearth of awesome travel destinations. The Twelve Apostles, The Dandenong Ranges Forests, Great Ocean Road, Uluru,The Grampians, The Great Barrier Reef, The Blue Mountains, just to name a few. When I think of all the fantastic places I still have to visit, I feel like a lifetime might just not be enough to visit them all.

4. Endless Opportunities

Australia is a land of infinite opportunities. Regardless of your background, level of education, or work history, you can always start something new. You can study whatever you feel like, do the job you want or even start your own business. Of course, to make the most of these opportunities a whole lot of dedication, consistency and hard work is essential.


Australians are compassionate, caring and loving. They are always giving their time or donating to a cause, charity or to anybody in need. They never hesitate in extending a helping hand to countries seeking International Aid. Many also volunteer their time to orphanages, fire squads, state and national events, RSPCA, State Emergency Service teams and as lifeguards. According to ABC Australia 34% of the Australian population are volunteers. How good is that?

6. Brave and  Strong

These are qualities I've been seeing over and over again. United and strong they stand. The recent Sydney siege was perfect proof of this. It shocked every single Australian. Bringing many to tears. The act was highly condemned. But it did not intimidate anyone.  Instead there was a public display of compassion, unity and bravery which was worthy of admiration. Aussies always emerge stronger when confronted with tough difficult situations. 

7. Multicultural

Australia is one of the most multilingual, multi cultural and multicultural countries in the world. This is reflected in the country's food, lifestyle and celebrations. All of this simply makes this country unique and wonderful to live in.

8. Unique Wildlife
Cute Kangaroo and baby roo in its pouch

Giraffe at Werribee Wild Life Park
I am continuously fascinated and enchanted by Australia's wildlife. It has a range of unique and diverse animals namely the kangaroos, koalas, possums, wombats, emus, platypus, echidnas and many more. Australians are fortunate to have a unique and iconic wildlife.

Could I add anymore? Of course. There's so much to love about Australia. But I'll leave you to discover and experience the rest. If you have a list countries you plan to visit, AUSTRALIA should certainly be one of them. I have given you enough reasons to come over! Wait no more:)

Have you ever visited Australia? Have you been backpacking here? What was your experience and what did you love most? Do share your experiences!

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