Food For Thought For Dream Crushers & Dream Conquerors

March 07, 2015

We all have one or more people in our lives who pretends to want the best for us, but in reality is planning their next move to crush our dreams. That person could be family, friend, business partner, an employer or a distant relation. 

How many times have you been told?

You aren't ready for this yet.

Better luck next time.

Are you looking to change the world? Come serious! Leave this to somebody else. Why should you bother?

I think you're dreaming too much. 

You are good BUT not good enough.

I don't think capable of this project.

If you are a dream conqueror expect to be surrounded by dream crushers. 

Recently I had a friend who's awesome project was forcibly brought down by officials for stupid reasons. Being part of the project my heart sank at the news. Now imagine her plight as an organizer. She made a press release in which she describes how she was pressurized, bullied, taunted and forced to cancel the project which was all about bringing something positive to the world. She is dismayed, but not discouraged. She is disappointed, but not giving up. 

Unfortunately, this is what the world seems to have come down to. On one hand, there are people who work their butts off to make their dream come true and help make the world a better place. On the other hand, are those who can't wait to pin you down.

Dear Dream Crushers! Here's some food for thought for you!

I understand your lack of confidence and courage to go after your dreams makes you feel inefficient and lost. Could this be one of the reasons you go around crushing other people's dreams? May be? 
I bet you're still trying to get up the success ladder, but in vain...Do you know why? You're too busy bothering yourself about else's success and dreams. Do you realize you are indirectly standing in your own way? You are your own obstacle. Let me remind you...those people whose dreams you are trying to sabotage are extremely strong and determined. They have an endless want to succeed as bad as they want to breathe. You might see them cry and look gutted, but that's not a cry of hopelessness. It's a cry of tolerance. 
Yes, tolerance! Tolerating you! 
They are  well aware you are ignorant! They prefer crying it all out than reasoning with you and your selfish motives. You think you destroyed their dreams? Dream on! Infact you just helped them become stronger and FUELLED THEIR BURNING DESIRE TO DREAM BIGGER AND WORK HARDER! 

Listen up dream crushers! Do yourselves a favour, get off the couch and go do something worthwhile with your life instead of whiling away precious amount of time. Think about it...You've already wasted enough! Act now or it might just be too late and you'll end up regretting it!

Dear Dream Conquerors! This one's for you!

I believe you already know what I'm about to say, but I still would like to reassure you with the following:

The further you rise in life...the more dream crushers you’ll be surrounded by! You can't help it! Some people will feel intimidated and jealous around you. You can't help it either. 

Pursue your passion and live your dreams without hesitation. Because that's what will take you places. Don't put your life on hold even for a second. Life's way too short! The biggest decision you ever made in your life was TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS which is massive. I congratulate you for doing that. Hence, don't let immature, ignorant minds dictate or convince you into believing that your dreams are meaningless. 
"Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons"
Rejections, redundancies, dismissals, humiliations will always be on your path to success. Overcome those setbacks! Soldier on no matter what. Be stubborn. There's no pleasure in sticking with the normal expected route of life...

Here's a few celebrities who used setbacks in their lives to succeed and fulfill their dreams. 

1. Oprah Winfrey was fired as an evening news reporter because she was 'unfit for TV'

2. JK Rowling was rejected by dozens when a small publisher in London took a chance on Harry Potter.

3. Madonna was rejected by the music producer behind a Dirty Dancing's soundtrack the year before she debuted her first album.
4. Stephen King was rejected 30 times. He nearly threw the book when his wife saved it from the trash and encouraged him to keep trying.

5. Marilyn Monroe at the start of her modeling and acting career was told she should consider becoming a secretary.

6. Harland David Sanders a.k.a Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, had a hard time selling his chicken recipe at first. His famous recipe was rejected 1009 times before a restaurant accepted it.

7. Jim Lee is a Korean American comic book artist. In this letter from Marvel, one of the many
rejection letters he received throughout his life, he was told to reapply "when he learned to draw hands". Today, Jim is the co-publisher of DC comics, a Warner Bros Entertainment Company and he is one of the most famous figures in the comic book industry. 

The point here is simple. Dream conquerors will do whatever it takes to be successful. They set high expectations upon themselves and will never be bogged down by dream crushers. They react positively to negative people and situations. 

Dream Crushers, grow up. do what you must to better your life and let dream conquerors be your inspiration!

Dream Conquerors, what can I're UNSTOPPABLE!

"None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can" 
Ratan Tata

Are you a dream conqueror? If so, do let us and our readers know how you tackle dream crushers?

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