8 Thought Provoking Quotes That Will Make You Think

April 15, 2015

There are millions of quotes coined by celebrities and everyday people from all walks of life over the Internet, in books and movies. These quotes are often uplifting and positive in nature.

When we tend to see the glass as half empty, such quotes can help shift our focus onto the positive side of things.

Quotes have had a tremendous impact on my life. I went from being a pessimist to an optimist. From always holding on to the past, to learning how to live a simpler and happier life. 

I have grown to love quotes, so much so, that I have a Facebook page dedicated to sharing quotes and positive thoughts that people can relate to and put into practice. I'm often told most messages shared in quotes are easier said than done. 

I agree. But, if we want to do all that we can and get the best out of life, there's no better way than to stretch our comfort zone and adopt some of the positive thoughts shared in quotes. 

Here's a collection of 8 quotes by Jim Rohn. These are food for thought and can help you spring back into action if you have been feeling under weather or just looking for motivation.

"I will be happy when I own a Mercedes". 
"I will be happy when succeed". 
"I will be happy when I get married to him/her". 

Remember those moments where you were too busy to be happy? 
Those times when you postponed being happy?
We often forget that happiness isn't around the corner waiting for us. It is right here. 

Happiness is as important as the breath you take. Why put a hold on it? 
What is the guarantee that if you own one Mercedes, that will make you happy? 
What if you decide you need two more Mercedes to be happy? In which case you'll never be happy because you will always have desires and wants. 

Instead of adopting happiness as a way of life, you're depending on the fulfillment of your desires to be happy. 

For a change, consider this perspective. Look at happiness as something you absolutely require for your overall wellbeing. Life is too short and unpredictable to be anything but happy. 
Take a deep breath, let go of the thoughts that are weighing you down. 
Live in the moment and be happy. 

Easy crowds are similar to our comfort zones. They limit our ability to grow. 
Easy crowds confine us to small sweet talk. Join crowds that challenge your intellect. 
Join crowds that demand a lot of willingness and effort on your behalf. 
Be part of honest and outspoken crowds. 

Such crowds may feel uncomfortable and intimidating at first, but at the end of the day will be the encouragement you need to move further in life. 

Motion is often mistaken for action. Just because you're walking to the grocery store doesn't mean you're exercising. Even if you're working night and day, it can still be considered 'working hard doing nothing' if you don't have specific goals. 

If you're not waiting for anything to happen, then you're "Busy doing what?" 
Connect your movement to an action. Being busy is good only if you are busy doing something worthwhile. 
"Without goals, and actions to reach them, you are a ship that has set sail with no destination" Fitzhugh Dodson

Are you in control of your day? 
Are you killing time or utilizing it properly? 

If you are able to plan your activities and complete the tasks you set yourself at the end of day, it implies you run your day. But if you're doing unnecessary activities, whiling away precious amount of time, that means the day is running you. 

Of course, you cannot be in control of every second. We're all at the mercy of rush hour, bad weather and so many other external circumstances that affect how our day unfolds. But with careful pre-planning, we can surely avoid a few disappointments. 

Take charge today! The days and hours are yours to control!

Have you taken any risk lately? 
Have you pushed the boundaries or attempted something out of your comfort zone? 

We often look at risks negatively. We focus too much on the consequences of taking risks. 

We humans are wired to think this way: 'what if', 'what could go wrong'. 
Afraid of taking a risk? Guess what your entire life is a risk. Will you stop living? 

If we take risks and win we will be happy. If we take risks and lose, it's a lesson learnt. 
It's WIN WIN folks!

There are stages in life where we need certainty. But, there are also times where we have to move forward with faith and belief. There's more fun in living life on the edge. 

'Not knowing what will happen' keeps us alert and alive. 
Let's challenge ourselves so we reach our higher selves. Have you something that you wanted to start but haven't done so until now?

Write that book.
Travelling to the places you want. 
Starting a business.

Take risks. They're worth it! 

Are you unhappy with yourself and how your life is at the moment? 
What are you waiting for? 
Do not waste time blaming your circumstances or people around you. 
Instead, consider changing what you don't like. 

I understand, you can't always change things you don't like, in which case you will be forced to tolerate what you are not willing to alter. You don't have to put up with what makes you unhappy! 

Trust your gut instinct. Get rid of drama and negativity. If it doesn't feel right and you don't like your present situation, you're most probably right. Do something about it! 

I find this quote has a lot in common with "Practice Makes Perfect". Whether you want to lose weight, take care of your health, learn to paint or play an instrument, it all demands consistency. You have to exercise every single day to lose those pounds. 

You have to eat nutritious foods every day if you want to maintain a good health. You need daily practice to be a good artist. In short, be consistent and you will see the results. 

Here, I do hope this compilation will inspire you to remain positive, take action and be happy.

Do you have any quotes that have helped make a difference in your life or totally transformed your life?
Please share your experience or any favorite quote below.

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