You Were Born With The Ability To Change Someone's Life, Don't Ever Waste It

July 05, 2015

Clad in a pink polka-dotted skirt and yellow kimono blouse. 
Slippers that seem to be bigger than her feet.
A black head band to hold back her lovely curls. 
Innocent looking eyes.
She manages to put on a hesitant smile for a photo.

A beautiful child who will forever be part of our lives.

She is Mili. Our sponsor child. She is aged between 5-10 years and lives in Cambodia. 

We are honored to be Mili's sponsor parents.

We had a thought of donating to a cause or charity for quite some time leading up to our 7th wedding anniversary. We scoured the Internet for organizations that were legitimate and those that helped communities at large.

Finally, stumbled upon PLAN.
An organization that promotes and protects children's rights.

Our commitment to sponsor a child entails obligations to the child's privacy, which is why I am not displaying any picture, the real name and precise age of our child except for the fact that she lives in Cambodia. 
It is one of the largest child-centred community development organization in the world.
Based on various testimonies provided by people who were already sponsoring kids and reading the annual reports detailing how donations are spent, we made up our minds to go for it.

No second thoughts. 

We sent out our request to sponsor a girl from Cambodia who's between 5-10 of age. At this stage we knew nothing about her, had no picture of her until our application was approved of by PLAN. 

In two weeks time, we received our welcome pack which contained photographs of Mili and a lot more information about her, her community, parents, siblings and living conditions. 

Some of you could be asking yourselves...

  • Why a girl? 
  • Why between 5-10? 
  • Why choose Cambodia out of all the countries?
Hold on to your thoughts.

I have ONE answer for all three questions. 

Andreas Lind of the International Organization for Migration says,
"Cambodia is one the few countries where you find all forms of trafficking. Of all those, the steady flow of young girls remains the most widespread type of human trafficking"
The Cambodian Women's Crisis Center(CWCC) claims that it handles approximately 300 trafficking cases every year, most of them involving Cambodian girls sold or forced into prostitution.

"Usually the girls are from rural areas. They are tempted by offers of jobs with a high pay in the city and don't know they will go to a brothel. Sometimes the parents pay for their daughter's transport to the town, sometimes the pimp pays",
 says CWCC Executive Director Chantol Oung.

Those were heartbreaking information which reinforced our intention to sponsor a girl. Sponsoring one girl will not eradicate human trafficking, but surely can help keep Mili safe and give her the chance to lead a normal decent life. 

Here are 10 reasons why we are sponsoring Mili and how you can too.

Changing a life forever

I believe changing a person's life for the better is one of noblest things anybody can do. Firstly, we need to cast aside all selfishness and make a commitment to change a life. There are thousands of ways to do so. Sponsoring being one of them. Child sponsorship encourages children to hope for a better future and realize their potential.

We all have the ability to make a profound difference in someone else's life.  

Tweet: We all have the ability to make a profound difference in someone else's life. via @hema2125

Change someone's life today

Giving a reason to smile

If you are reading this, you and I know all too well. We're lucky!
Lucky to have food on our plates. Lucky to have much more than we ever asked for.
But yet, there are times when I hear people saying they have no reason to smile. 
Well, why not sponsor a child today? Your donation will give somebody else reason to smile and in return give you so much satisfaction and happiness.

It is affordable

I'm not a millionaire. Not even close. But I know for a fact that I can afford to sponsor a child as it costs less than a dollar a day. Is that hard?
Do you drink coffee? I bet, some of us have at least 2 cups a day or more. If we can afford to buy a cup of coffee we can surely help change a life with that dollar. Can't we?

Considerable difference

I've read a few comments online stating:

"What's in sponsoring?" 
"Sponsoring one child is a waste of time and money and makes no difference"

Sad it is that some people won't help and discourage others to do so. How pathetic! 

Rest assured, child sponsorship is one the best ways you can help make a huge difference not only in the life of your sponsored child but help a community at large. Your donation can help provide health, education, housing, and environmental improvements. 

While we live in comfortable houses, use gas for cooking, access to clean drinkable water from running taps in our homes and health care facilities. 

Most people living in rural areas in Cambodia, live in houses made of wood planks. They use wood for cooking. They obtain water from boreholes and the collection takes up to 30 minutes. They use pit latrines. The nearest health facility is about 45 minutes away. Many children drop out of school as they started too late in school and are very shy to attend with little children. Other reasons why kids drop out of school, bad road conditions and lack of teachers. 

Here's what Thorngmy and Thida two Cambodian girls had to say:

"Besides my study, I have to work a lot at home in order to help my parents who have many little children. There is no health center in my village, so we have to travel more than 10 kilometres to access the health  center by bicycle or motor taxi. Normally we use our traditional medecines to cure some diseases like: malaria, fever, diarrhea, skin infection etc. Furthermore there is not enough clean water to use and drink in my area", 
Thorngmy 12 years old

"At 14 years old, I am currently studying in grade 2 of the primary school, while normally, children go to school at 6 years old. My school is about 2 kilometres from home. I walk to school with my friends. There is a toilet and well in my school but they are not working. I really love studying because I want to be a teacher and I want to help teaching children in my village", 
Thida 14 year old 

Building relationships 

The best part of child sponsorship is the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with the child and their families. When I learned that I would be able to write to and receive letters from my child sponsor, I was thrilled. Although this process takes longer than an instant email it is understandable and still worth it. 

To top it all off, you can visit your sponsored child and see first-hand how your support is making a real difference. This can be such a rewarding and heartwarming experience. 

Pay it forward

Child sponsorship benefits not only the child but their future generations as well. Children who have been sponsored know how lucky they are to have been removed from poverty and gain access to education. They grow up to become grateful young adults who then are able to pay it forward by providing necessary help for their children and those who need most. 

The unparalleled feeling

Sponsoring Mili has given us an added reason to be happy. We feel blessed and grateful to help her on such a personal level. Knowing that our contribution will have a lasting and positive impact on Mili and her community, gives us immense pleasure and fills our hearts with love and peace.

Feel loved

Every child likes to feel loved and cared for. How would you feel if somebody you never met was willing to help support you. Wouldn't that give you a new lease on life? Wouldn't that make you feel special and loved? Likewise, we hope to send as much love as we possibly can through our letters and hopefully show her how much we care when we get to meet her.

I do hope the reasons above encourage you to make a difference to a child's life. There are many organizations that run sponsorship programs, but I would certainly recommend PLAN because of the genuineness in their approach and prompt response whenever contacted. 

What do you do to make a difference in somebody else's life?Do you sponsor a child?
Has the thought of sponsoring ever cross your mind but you were uncertain and let the idea die?
I would love to hear your experience.
If you think this post has motivated you to make a difference consider sharing it with your friends and family. 

Together we can make a difference!

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