A Broken Life - Putting the Pieces Together Again

October 01, 2015

The Peace Perspective
I am pleased to kick off  'The Positivity Project' with an inspiring post by Mike Markovski.
I am fortunate to have crossed paths with this gentleman who hopes that his unique perspective will make a difference in the world.

 A Broken Life - Putting the Pieces Together again

How much is a life worth? 

Is it one hundred thousand dollars, a million dollars, or is it priceless?
Of course, it is priceless and of infinite worth. 

Earlier this summer, I was reminded of how priceless a life can be. The following story would help me to affirm that my own life would not be measured by how much I had acquired but rather in how much I gave back to the world!

Three years ago, I left a successful business career to follow my passion of helping people live more fulfilling lives. Little did I know that one day my passion for helping others would be instrumental in helping save a life! 

On the night of July 1st, Lila had decided that she could not endure the mental pain any longer. She was going to take her own life. The time had finally come; the idea of facing another day was intolerable! Lila had left her abusive husband of 30 years, over two weeks ago, but the pain would simply not go away.

After staying with her sister for the past two weeks, she now found herself all alone in a hotel room she had rented earlier that day. Yes, this is where she was going to put an end to her unending pain.

Lila had pills in her hand and was ready to drown out the mental pain that had been so persistent for too long. That is when she heard a voice inside her head say, "Go to Facebook". Lila was a member of an inspirational group where my daily inspirational messages and messages of others were posted.

Lila found hope, unbelievably, in a message I posted that day about a couple hugging and the man saying, "I am going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will be put together again." That message sparked something in Lila. She decided to write a comment about how miserable her life was and that nobody cared about her.

Somehow, I was up at the unusual hour of 2 am, that night, and I replied to her message. I stated she was of infinite worth and no situation or person can take that away from her. That simple message of hope and someone caring was enough for Lila to postpone her efforts to end her life that night.

Lila and I corresponded further. We talked the following day for over an hour on the telephone. We talked about many things, but mainly we talked about how timeless and powerful our loving essence is. Although Lila was a college-educated and intelligent woman, she had lost her worth during many years of mental and physical abuse.

Now, hearing for the first time that she was beyond her life story and of infinite worth, she suddenly became more positive and energized. Lila noticed the difference, immediately, when she began believing she was of infinite worth. She stopped beating herself up with her own destructive words.

In almost three months since that night(July 1st), Lila has made tremendous improvement. She is reading many positive-thinking and spiritual books and she credits me with saving her life. Lila calls me her guardian angel. I told her that all I did was light a spark within her.

She was the one who was doing all the work in recovering from the depths of her own despair. I really believe the universe was working through me. I was just a conduit for the universe in helping a grieving woman be saved and given a second chance at life.

So how much is a life worth? All I know is that Lila's life is priceless and I feel so blessed that my new path has allowed the universe, working through me, to be the spark allowing Lila to have a second chance to live a beautiful life.

There is a saying,
"It is not how many breaths you take, 
but how many moments take your breath away". 

Knowing I played a part in saving a life truly takes my breath away.
Every life is priceless...it is time, we all start believing and living with this awesome awareness!

Mike Markovski
The Peace Perspective

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