Top 24 Signs You Need To Put Down Your Phone and Get A Life

November 07, 2015

A smartphone. 24/7 Internet access. Life's good. I thought.
Downloaded as many apps as I could. Some of which were useless.
My phone quickly became my lifeline.

Bought my first smartphone two years ago and was going crazy about it.

I was constantly checking my social networks for updates and statuses and scrolling through countless emails.

Wasted hours playing games.
Any excuse was a good excuse to check on my phone.
I was literally shutting myself out of the real world.
Something was going terribly wrong but I was absolutely unaware.

But, it hit hard one day.

A friend of mine called asking me if I wanted to catch up.
Something was troubling and she wanted to talk to me about it over a cup of coffee.

I casually without a second thought replied, "Let's skype".

I guess my friend was shocked at my response and said, "That's ok we'll talk some other time".

When she hung up, it didn't take long for me to realize, I screwed up.

Did I just act insensitively?

My heart sank.
I was so ashamed that I couldn't even bring myself to call her back.

Full of guilt, I did make it up to her later that day and things got back to normal.

But that situation was a wake-up call and certainly changed the way I used my phone.

I have better self-control and never allow it to be a substitute what is important to me.

Can you relate to my experience?
Have you ever acted callously because of your phone?
Are you addicted to your phone?
Does social interaction mean interaction via social media instead of meeting in person?
Are you battling with this age of technology?

Unfortunately many of us are.

Mobile phones, devices of all kinds, easy access to the Internet have greatly changed the way we communicate to each other.

Phones have changed our lives. We are so reliant on it.

 What do you do when you are

- Waiting at the doctor's
- Waiting for a meal, you have ordered
- At the bus stop or station
- Walking home
- At a party, family get together
- Stuck in traffic
- Having a break
- During a lecture

YOU LOOK AT YOUR PHONE! (At least once)

 What do you do when you

- Want to calculate something (calculator)
- To go somewhere (GPS)
- To create a 'to do list' (Use your phone memo app)
- To travel and check destination reviews (Use Tripadvisor)
- Watch a video (You Tube)

There's an app for almost everything we want to do.
It is, therefore, even more challenging for us to put away our phones.

Unfortunately, this trend is  encouraging insensitivity and we're fast losing touch with the real world.
Whether you're on the bus, train or just walking most of the time you will usually find people head bent in their phones.

We are unconscious of what's happening around us.
Technology has made the world smaller. We think we are united and much closer to each other. In reality, we are pulling ourselves away from having honest, face to face communication.

Nowadays it requires a lot of effort to get somebody to listen to what we have to say without them looking at their phones once.

Folks nothing can substitute lifetime experiences or face to face interactions.

 You need to put your phone down if

  1. You boast about having 1000s of online friends and followers, yet feel lonely.  
  2. You find it hard to get a good night's sleep.
  3. You spend more money on your phone and accessories than on your basic needs.
  4. You can't unplug while on vacation.
  5. Your phone bill keeps exceeding and you can't see where the problem lies. 
  6. You have had a near death experience while you walked head bent in your phone.
  7. Your phone is at the center of your world.
  8. You feel distressed if you accidentally misplace your phone.
  9. As a couple or parent, you are constantly ignoring your spouse or kids and neglecting your household. 
  10. You pick up your phone every other second just in case you miss out on a notification.
  11. You become hysterical  when your phone is dying. 
  12. Your eyes are sore looking at the screen, but you still won't give up.
  13. You feel like nobody loves or cares about you when you have no status likes, calls or messages.
  14. Relaxing, time out, having a break means being on your phone. 
  15. You are neglecting your priorities and goals in life. 
  16. You post unnecessary every hour activity and regularly vent on social media. (I'm having a shower, I woke up late, I can't sleep) Seriously, who cares???
  17. You can't put down your phone even when you're amongst a group of friends or family. 
  18. You take your phone to the toilet.
  19. You are taking selfies every step of the way. (Even when you're lying in a hospital bed)
  20. You are devastated because you lost your phone. 
  21. You are irritated when someone talks to you while you are 'busy' on your phone. 
  22. You are updating your statuses while on a date or getaway. 
  23. Your fingers have gone numb from typing incessantly, but you continue doing so.
  24. You take pictures of mishaps and upload them instead of going out to help.

My dear friends,

There's no app to help you get out of this addiction you have with your phone.
There's no app  that can make you experience the beautiful wonders of life.
There's no app that can take away your sadness and replace it with happiness.

But there are people and a beautiful world out there waiting for your embrace.

While you are busy looking at your phone, life is happening.

Get away from your phones whenever you can.

Don't let your devices be the reason you miss out on meeting the love of your life, enjoying the simple but meaningful pleasures of life, on the present moment or the opportunity to help someone in need.

Go out and meet people.
Spend quality time with those you love.
Reconnect with your inner spirit.
Enjoy a status update free vacation.
Practice being in the moment putting your phone away.
Look people in the eyes and have an open-hearted conversation.
Read a paperback book, not a book on kindle.
Enjoy human touch and companionship.

You won't get any of the above from that phone of yours no matter how expensive it is.
Let's not become a generation of smart phones but stupid people.

Wrapping up 

Although this video may look funny, it clearly depicts the truth.
Eventually, this will be our fate if we continue being insensitive and addicted to our 'SMART PHONES'.

Over to you:

I would love to have your thoughts on this topic. 
Do you allow your phone to interfere in your love life, work and relationships?
Do you find it hard to step away from you phone?
How do you go about ensuring your phone doesn't control your life?

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  1. Hey Hema,

    The day I realised technology was heading in the wrong direction was when I watched four young people at a cafe not talking, all on their iphones.

    There is photo going around the internet of a family sitting in their lounge room. The grandmother is the only one without a phone and nobody is giving her the time of the day. This makes me angry and sad.

    I am so over walking down the street and having to get out the way of people who have their face in their phone, I actually clap my hands to make they look up. I find it rude. And the worst is texting and driving.

    I have always used technology as a work enhancer so I never really care too much for it. However when I started blogging I was switching off my computer to go to sleep with no down time and I struggled to get to sleep. I was not enjoying my own style so I changed it. I have gotten good at switching off at 8pm and enjoying my hobbies and relaxing.

    Great post, you address the social issues of new technology so well. Your story must have been a great lesson, ' lets skype'. What a shock after your friend and you hung up. Enjoyed your honesty. Thanks for the post.


    1. Hello Rachel,

      Glad to read your comment.

      Oh! What a sad sight indeed. I remember that photo. Isn't that heartbreaking to see how those little gadgets are taking over our lives?

      I can understand your frustration at having to avoid colliding with people talking on their phones. Worst for me was yesterday. I was driving down a busy road and this man was so involved talking on his phone that he didn't even notice me coming. Thank goodness I was able to hit the brakes just in time.

      I mean seriously, just imagine if this man had been injured or lost his life...over a phone??? That's gone too far.

      I'm glad you made the necessary changes and decided to allocate time to enjoy and relax. It's important to do so.

      Thank you so much for your valuable insight. What happened to me was a great reminder to get a life. I did! I'm loving it.

      Thank you Rachel. I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Wish you all the very best :)

  2. Hello Hema,

    This probably my first visit to your blog, and I found good content to read here. I am happy that I am not a cell phone addict person. I use phone just for the sake of having it in order to send or receive calls mainly. I hate to type much on phone. Thus, I am not too much indulged into instant messaging thing as well.

    Nice one. Keep writing

    Atish Ranjan

    1. Hello Atish,

      I'm glad to see you here. Welcome to my blog.

      It's nice to know that you're not addicted to your phone. Because I feel many are and very soon you'll see rehabilitation centres to treat phone addiction.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Hoping to see you again.
      Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. May you be blessed with the best of everything :)

  3. Hi Hema,

    This post is so on the mark. I was not addicted to technology, actually I didn't even want to use the beginning. ;D

    But did as all of a sudden it seemed unthinkable to be a writer and not be online. I only got addicted to social media when I started blogging. When I used to work exclusively with other people, staying away from social media was easy.

    It took some time to control the new habit of spending too much time online. These days I leave phone home while going out and it's a very good feeling. Of course helps in improving memory too as you have to remember a couple of them just in case. ;)

    One habit that helped me to stay away from the computer, social media and my phone is: writing in my notebook.

    Oh and I don't think you're not insensitive. Insensitive people usually don't realize their mistake so soon, if ever. I know plenty and even after pointing out their behavior they don't see anything wrong.

    It's not my job to tell someone to change.

    A good post on social media and how we're using it, Hema.

    Have a joyful, healthy and successful New Year! :)


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