4 Pearls Of Wisdom Leading Up To An Unforgettable Night

April 06, 2016

April 6th 2016, was a night like no other. 
It was a night that saw one of our major dreams come true.

As of now, my husband and I are officially Australian Citizens. 

When we touched down in Australia on March 3rd 2010, becoming Citizens of this country was a far-fetched dream. There were lots of uncertainties except for one thing. We knew for sure that we wanted to settle down and have a future in Australia.

But it soon dawned on us that we weren't going to have an easy ride.We began facing obstacles since day 1 but never felt disheartened. We persevered, remain committed and used every obstacle as a stepping stone to success.

An English proverb says, "A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner."
Everything is difficult before it becomes easy.
Obstacles are meant to toughen us up. They are and placed in our paths to see if what we want is worth fighting for. 

The citizenship ceremony was short and sweet lasting up to an hour and a half.
The moment that will forever be anchored in my memory is the instant we sang the National Anthem. 

It was a tear jerker and gave me goosebumps. It was an intensely proud moment. 
Memories from the past 6 years flashed before my eyes.

  • Securing my first job as a waitress and the subsequent odd jobs we both did. (housekeeping, kitchen hand, dishwashing etc) 
  • Cold wintery morning walks to school. 
  • Late night travels back home from work.
  • Times when we'd go to bed without food. Because we were too exhausted to cook and eat. 
  • Days when we would simply live in the moment and smile through all the confusion.
  • The rejections and criticisms that I used to take personally that made me feel I just wasn't good enough.
  • The pressure of having to complete assignments and projects on time.
  • The times hubby and I would sit at the dinner table holding each other's bony hands and promising to make our dreams come true regardless of the time it takes and obstacles we face. 
  • Heartbreak of a miscarriage. 
  • Friends, teachers and sometimes total strangers who rekindled my faith in myself when I refused to believe I could do it. 
  • The exhilarating day we were offered permanent residency. 
  • Most importantly these 4 pearls of wisdom we put into practice to achieve this goal of ours. 
These pearls of wisdom aren't random sentences or quotes. They are precisely the gems that motivated us and kept us anchored throughout the past six years. 

To say that we are thankful sounds like an understatement as our gratitude for this land of opportunities runs deep. We've been given a 'fair go' and couldn't be more grateful. 

I personally would never have found my real self, stepped out of my comfort zone nor achieve what I have so far if it wasn't for this country. 


Presenting the 4 Pearls of Wisdom inspired by great motivational speakers such as Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brendon Burchard, Les Brown, Paul Harvey, Norman Vincent Peale, Robin Sharma, Warren Buffet, Ted Talks and the list goes on.

 Your Destiny Is Waiting For YOU To Show UP 

So often people make excuses as to why their lives aren't getting any better, complaining how their life sucks.  One of the most common excuses is, "It's my destiny". 

It's debilitating to see how people leave it all up to destiny, hoping destiny will bring them love, name, fame and money. 

So much time is spent hoping destiny will work everything out for you that you end up with the inability to make life decisions. You live in total despair and keep blaming destiny for it. 

Anthony Robbins says, "It's in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped."

Now, I know you'll tell me, "Well you don't know my life. Horrible things have happened to me. I didn't choose for those things to happen to me". 

Honey, horrible things  happens to everybody. Everybody has stories of pain and suffering. Somethings are simply out of our control and it has nothing to do with destiny. 
You have to remember that nobody has ever had a life of roses here on this planet. 

You can allow what happened to you weaken you and define who you are or let it strengthen you and make you resilient. 

You can choose to change your life today by showing up. Destiny cannot work in your favor you until you do.

Get off the couch and start showing up.
Who cares how you feel?

Just show up. Not for others. But for yourself. 

The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Nobody can tax it or take it away from you.  

How much time do you spend every day working on yourself and your dream?
In the last 90 days, how many books have you read? How many audio books, podcasts or Ted Talks have you listened to?
In the last year how many new skills and knowledge have you acquired?

Most people rush home from work to sit on the couch, watch hours of television and let their life pass by. 

Just like you would set aside time to watch TV, party, spend with your family, time to go shopping or time for entertainment, make it a point to set aside some time to work on yourself and your mindset. 

Invest time and money in your personal development every single day. Let your library be bigger than your TV. 

Expand your vision of what is possible for you.
Never let age, lack of money or opinions of others stop you from investing in yourself. 

   Live full, die empty. 

Dr Howard Thurman once said,

"The ideal situation for a person to die is having family by their side as they cross over".

But imagine lying on your death bed and surrounding you are the ghosts of the dreams, the ideas, the abilities given to you by life but for whatever reason you never pursued those dreams. 

You never acted on those ideas. You never used those gifts. 

Here they are the ghosts staring at you with large angry eyes as you lying on your bed, saying,
"We came to you. Only you could have given us life, but now we must die with you forever". 

So, I want you to ponder on this question for a while, 
If you were to die TODAY, what dreams, abilities, gifts and ideas would die with you?

Les Brown says, "the richest and greatest place on earth is the cemetery".

It's full of ideas never acted upon, potential never realized, projects never been done, books never written and songs never heard.

Wow! Would like to lie on your death bed only to realize that you never lived??
Only to realize that you were too shy, too comfortable or too scared to pursue your dreams??
Only to realize that you never scraped the surface of your potential??

Make a promise to yourself, LIVE FULL, DIE EMPTY!

  Make a move before you're ready. 

Do you feel stuck in your relationship, at work or life in general? 
Can't muster the courage to move on? 

When you lack the courage and insight to understand that your present circumstance isn't favorable and still decide to remain stuck instead of moving on, guess what happens....life takes control of you. 

Here's what you need to know. 
If you want to make your mark in your own life and the lives of others you have become a risk taker. 
You have to refuse to settle for a mediocre life. 

Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do all it takes to make it come true. 

Refuse to live from hand to mouth. Take on the challenges of life without fear. 
Have a strong desire to achieve something uncommon.

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  1. Hi Hema,

    First, congratulations! I kinda felt that tearjerking feeling, too :) Good luck on your future endeavors; I'll be looking that up!

    Thanks for sharing the pearls you've found. I found "Live full, die empty" the most powerful of all. It's great to have your family beside you when you pass, but man, I wouldn't like to see those ghosts that you talk about. Thank you :)

  2. Awesome post I guess, just landed here from other blog and your writing is very inspiring.

  3. Hello Hemaji,
    Your article is very nice,

    thanks for sharing your views


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