4 Major Reasons To Hope Less and Act More

May 27, 2016

Hoping for a good life, great relationship and wonderful life experiences?
Hoping that keeping your fingers crossed will get you what you want?
Hoping that somebody will come by and motivate you to get started on your dreams?
If you're HOPING more than you ACT....I suggest you read this post.

Let's get real! We all hope. We all hope for a great future. 
We all hope to be healthy and wealthy. 
We hope to be in control of our lives. 


Then why am I asking you to HOPE less?
What's wrong with hoping? 


That's where the problem lies. 
HOPE is a dangerous and silent killer of your dreams. 

It keeps you going when you're faced with challenges. 
But most often than not it keeps you going in vain. 
It robs you of your potential to achieve greatness.

Life is so breathtakingly short yet many of us seem to rely on HOPE for life change. 

If you ask...What's HOPE to me? 

Well, from my personal experience I've come to realize that HOPE is nothing but day dreaming. 

I've HOPED a quarter of my life away. 
When I was drowning in pain and misery all I did was HOPE that life will somehow get better. 

But nothing happened. HOPE didn't change a single thing.

Hope is a double edged sword. Everytime you try to grasp it, all it does is cut you deeper and deeper.
What turned my life around was taking ACTION! 

Although I still HOPE...I do not depend on it to change my circumstances. 
I have learned to take ACTION instead. 

We can all do better than just hoping. 

My aim with this post is to help you understand the truth below. 

When the time comes for you to depart from this world and you're on your death bed surrounded by near and dear you have to decide what you'd like to be remembered for.

Would you prefer to be remembered as an
ACTION TAKER or do you want people to feel sorry for you and exclaim, 

"he/she was hoped to do this and that but could not do it".

Your aim in life should be to die a victor not a victim of circumstances. 

Do all that you can using every second that's handed over to you. 

Here's 4 major reasons I remind myself to HOPE less and ACT more.     

Hope puts you in the passenger's seat. Action puts you in the driver's seat
Let's assume you've been fired from your present job. 

HOPE will instantly take control of your life and allow you the luxury of hoping that you'll soon get another job even if you know you won't. 

Hope will let you feel sorry for yourself, allow you to complain and play the blame game. 

Whereas if you were to take the necessary actions as soon as you are fired, you don't have time for self-pity. ACTION lets you take control of your emotions and not cry over spilled milk. 

It will get you fired up to do something worthwhile while you look for another job.

Hope encourages you to procrastinate. Action lets you make things happen.
Let's say you want to be fit and healthy. 
You know you need to eat more greens, fruits and exercise in order to be healthy.

Here comes HOPE whispering to you, 
"Don't worry, you're not sick today. 
You can eat that fruit and exercise tomorrow. Nothing will go wrong". 

But you've got to be smarter than that right? 

The accumulated effects of not eating healthy and exercising today will sooner or later affect you. Hoping that not eating healthy today won't affect your health tomorrow.....see! that's naive!

Take ACTION. Eat those fruits. Go for a walk around the block. 
Imagine how these simple actions could contribute to your overall well-being in years to come. 

Hope bores you to death. Action adds spice to your life.
Hope usually prefers you played it safe. It shuns the unknown. 
It prefers you remained stagnant than venture and try something new. 

Let's say your job sucks and you feel like quitting to go after what you love doing.
But HOPE will immediately remind you that it's risky to leave your job and wander into the unknown. 

It will convince you that someday you'll like the job and that there's no need to quit. 
How boring is that?

Whereas ACTION will let you reason it out and allow you to go after what you want. 
Action doesn't deal with certainty. It's purpose is to let you explore the world whether you're prepared for it or not. 

Henceforth life becomes a lot more interesting and exciting. 

Hope concerns itself with expectations. Action is interested in getting the job done and moving on.
Let's say you sat for an exams. After the exams here's what HOPE whispers, 
"I hope I've done enough to score good marks". 

whereas ACTION whispers, 
"whatever is done is done. Time to move on". 

Hence whatever you do in life HOPE will want you to have expectations. 
When you have expectations you are bound to feel either good if you get what you want or disappointed if you don't. 

As a result you can remain stuck contemplating on those emotions. 

Whereas ACTION has no time to waste. It encourages you to focus on the task at hand and move on to the next whether you get the desired result or not. 

Therefore I sincerely believe HOPE by itself is dangerous...but if combined with ACTION can work wonders.

Over To You

What's your thoughts about HOPE?
What do you do most? Hope or Act?

Do share your thoughts below. 

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  1. Hi Hema

    This is a great topic and you really go deep into the issue.

    Hope is indeed a double edge sword and the sad part is that people have passed on hoping on things that they could have taken action.

    Earlier in my life, I was a fan of hope but I soon found out that there is more to life than just hoping Action is so important.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Take care


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