5 Practical Ways To Rise After A Fall

June 25, 2016

Growth takes place when you're down. Not when you feel good.
If you wanna win, rise when you're down

I recently posted the quote below on CRE8TEPOSITIVELIFE's Facebook page and was prompted to write this post thanks to a friend who left a comment asking, "How to rise when you fall?"

"Growth takes place when you're down...

Not when you feel good. If you wanna win, rise when you're down"

To rise after a fall feels really hard but in reality, it is not as tough as most of us think it is. 

If you think it is I don't blame you.

We have been raised in a society which exaggerates the cost of being wrong and overestimate the negative consequences of failure. 

Remember the time when you scored less than what was expected?
What was your teacher's and parents' reaction? 
I am sure you'd be able to recall few of the many remarks that were thrown at you?

For instance:

You will never get a job if you keep failing.
You are putting us to shame. 
You are good for nothing.

If you've still been able to pick yourself after those comments...hats off to you.

But for most of us, it is a challenge to make a comeback. 
We are eventually convinced that once we fail it is almost impossible to bounce back. 

It takes a great deal of willpower and courage to unlearn those debilitating thoughts. 

But I'm sure you wouldn't mind putting yourself through the paces and if I made you see the promise of happiness, success and ultimate freedom. 

Am I right?

Have you experienced a setback lately?
Is it weighing you down so much so that you can't seem to pick yourself up?

Here's how I help myself after setbacks. 

  Ask Yourself  'Why Not Me?'

Whenever we fail in life we tend to exclaim 'why me?' 

Let me ask you something...'If not you who should it be? 
Would you like to give me a name?

What makes you think you can go through life without encountering any setbacks?

If you want to escape life's treacherous ways you might have to get a planet of your own my dear friend. But until then you'll have to take it as it comes. 

Pain, rejection, failure is not reserved for the poor or the selected few. 

We have to suffer rejection to understand acceptance. 
We have to experience hatred to understand love. 
We need to fail in order to succeed.

Hereafter ask not 'Why me?'
Ask 'Why not me?'

Growth takes place when you're down and defeated.
The more setbacks you face the more refined of a person you become.

Challenges in life are like dark clouds. They are not here to stay. 
They will soon  dissipate and allow the sun to shine again.

Therefore be thankful for the tough times. 
You will soon realize that these are the times that channel you towards your greatness.

 Talk To Yourself

Insane right? Why would you talk to yourself?

Well, even I used to think self-talk is insanity but soon realized talking to yourself can sometimes be the best conversation and perfect remedy to your problems.

I've often guided myself out of difficult situations.

You don't always have to rely on others or expert advice to get back up. 
All you need to do is listen to that inner voice and allow it to help you out.

Word of caution : Talk to yourself with love and compassion just like you would to somebody who's been through tough times. Do not berate yourself or regret the mistakes you've made. Give yourself the permission to be human and get a good dialogue going between you and yourself.

 Desire to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. 

Failing at something is part of life. Unfortunately, some of us take failure so seriously and remain stuck in a rut for a long time and give up on our dreams.

Our desire to succeed is not strong enough. 

We want instant reward, instant success and if we happen to encounter one tiny setback we call it quits. 

Allow me to remind you of an unflattering truth about success you probably already know. 

It requires unwavering diligence, persistence, hard often tedious work over a long period of time.

You will get frustrated, often brought down to your knees, fail countless times but it's the price you have to be willing to pay if you wish to live life on your own terms. 

When you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you in your tracks. You literally become unstoppable. Ultimately the Universe will have had enough of testing you eventually clearing your path.

 Resist posting about your setbacks on social media.

Some things you simply have to keep to yourself. Especially when you're having a hard time. 

Lou Holtz rightly said 

"Never tell your problems to anyone...

20% don't care and 80% are glad you have them"

If you have to talk about your problems, do so with those who genuinely care about you. 

Remember when you post and complain about your miseries, rejections and failures on social media you put yourself in a vulnerable position. 

Looking for compassion and care online is a colossal mistake. 
I strongly recommend you not do so. I've done it before and it only worsened my situation. 

Instead of getting back up and finding a solution to my problem I found myself attending to inquisitive, irrelevant and sometimes stupid comments. 

If you really want people to know what you've gone through. Do so after you've tackled the problem. Fight your battle alone or with the help of your loved ones. Talk about it openly after you've conquered your defeats. 

This way you not only inspire yourself but inspire those around you. 

Your battle is yours to fight, nobody else's.

 You've got to know or you'll get hurt

Have you ever heard from people who keep failing and running into trouble exclaim, 

"I don't know why this keeps happening to me".
"I don't know why I'm failing every time"

My dear friends, not knowing won't help. I'm telling you it won't help. 

If you don't know...find out what it is you don't know because ignorance is NOT bliss!

Guess what!

What you don't know will work against you. 
What you don't know will affect your income.
What you don't will disturb your relationship.
What you don't know will negatively impact your health. 

You've got to know. 

Let's imagine you always run into financial problems. Instead of whinging that money is never enough why not try to find out the reason behind these issues. Get some self-examination going. 

You probably are spending a lot more than you can afford or wasting money on unnecessary things. If you still can't figure it out ask for help from close ones or a financial advisor. 

At all cost make sure you know what's wrong. The more you know the better prepared you are to get back on track after a fall. 


How do you rise after a fall? 
How long does it take for you to get back up after a fall?
Is there any strategy that you have in place to help you do so?

Do share your thoughts with us and our readers. 

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  1. Well written !
    Indeed Inspiring !
    Sometimes people also could not hear their heart just because what would people say. To rise after falling you will have to ignore the people specially those whom you worry about that what would they say.

    1. Hello Akhilesh,

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and for sharing your thoughts.
      I agree. If you constantly keep bothering yourself with what people would think you'll be stuck. Best is to ignore and move on with your life as you will be criticized either way.

      Wish you a great week.


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