5 Myths About Passion That Are Holding You Back

September 22, 2016

Myths about passion that are holding you back

"I wish I could find my passion".
"I would forever be happy and successful".

Ever had this thought?
I've had it several times until I found myself stuck and wishing in vain.

Trying to find my passion was debilitating and I felt I was restricting my creativity and blocking opportunities.

However, if you happen to be amongst the very few who discovered that one thing that gets you out of bed, keeps the dollar rolling in, something you get ultimate satisfaction from and keeps you in shape.... that's wonderful and I applaud you for it. 

Unfortunately for the majority of us, it is not the case. 

As soon as we're old enough we are bombarded with questions such as,

"What are you passionate about?"
"What is that one thing you love doing?"

 I honestly think the word 'PASSION' is overused and highly romanticized in our culture.

Who says happiness comes as a result of finding one's passion?

Surely you must have watched the X Factor, The Talent Shows all around the world. Every single contestant claims they are passionate about what they present to the judges. But how many of them actually make a living or make it to the top???

Just a handful. The rest are left with unfulfilled dreams. They are passionate about their craft but does it guarantee any happiness? 

Do yourself a favor and avoid mixing up happiness with passion. Whether you have found your passion or not, be happy anyway. As the saying goes, happiness is a way of life, not a destination. 

Many of us believe passion is what drives us to become successful. Hmmm!
May be! For some!

However, I believe success fuels passion most of the time.

As a child and teenager, I was passionate about tons of things.

None of what I was passionate about made me successful.

Just a couple of years ago, I heard about blogging and thought I'd give it a try.
This time around I wasn't passionate about writing. I was simply curious.
Hence gave it a try.

After a few months of writing, my articles received great response from readers all around the world and as a new writer, you can surely imagine how ecstatic I was ecstatic.

That encouraged me to create my website.
In my case success at writing fuelled my passion for it. Not the other way round.

Society wants us all to believe that we have tp pick one thing. We have to dedicate our time and life to that one passion. Untrue!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to following your passion. You are absolutely free to be passionate about multiple things. Let nobody make you feel guilty or convince you that it's unusual to do so or that there's something wrong with you. 

I can tell you from personal experience, the more time I spend discovering and trying new things the more I end up wanting to do more and life becomes much more interesting.
Many still believe finding one's passion is the solution to all their problems.
Sorry to burst your bubble but once you find something you're passionate about...that's where all the grinding begins.

If you wish to pursue your passion you'll have to be ready to make sacrifices, burn the midnight oil, dedicate as much time as you can to brush up on your skills, defy all odds and never give up in order to have a feeling of satisfaction and hopefully have your passion pay dividends at a later stage.

Just like there's no age limit for falling in love, to start up a new business, to study, to land your dream job...likewise there's no age limit to pursuing your passion.

For some weird reasons, our society has a tendency to set timelines for us.

Oh! By this time he/she should have finished his/her tertiary studies!
He/she should have gotten a job by now!
He/she is growing old and should have been married by now!
What is he/she waiting to have kids?

Ouffff! How annoying!

Allow nobody to dictate your life using time frames. You'll end up feeling miserable.
Trust your gut and do what you want however you want to.

As Emilie Wapnick rightly says: "Embrace your many passions. Follow your curiosity down those rabbit holes. Explore your intersections. Embracing your inner wiring leads to a happier, more authentic life". 

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  1. Loved this post! Recently I've been faced with the whole passion vs success bit. Trying to find my vision and direction with LadyGadget. Who is she? What does she do? What's the limits and boundaries? How does she fit in with family? That sort of thing. These encouraging myth breakers help me to reevaluate all the negative that's been thrown at me lately about it. :)

    1. Hello Rebekah,

      I appreciate you taking time to read my post and leaving me your comment.
      It surely is a dilemma when one is as multi talented as you are. I think you shouldn't limit yourself. Do all that you can because that's how you discover your hidden potential.

      Moreover, ignore all negativity and the naysayers :) Trust your gut.

      All the best with Lady Gadget
      Much love


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