Major reason you don't have everything you want in life

April 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered why many of us are living a life of mediocrity?
Why we are unable to design the life of our dreams?

Day by day we keep falling behind on the promises we made to ourselves and our families. 

Why is that so?

The answer is simple : NEGLECT 

How often have we neglected an area or more of our lives? 

I myself have neglected writing for almost a year and a half. It sucked. However I had that time to spend with my family which makes me feel less guilty. Now that my little one will be spending some time at day care I can finally dedicate that time to writing.

Glad to be back on track.

Lucky for me, NEGLECT didn't do much damage. 

But neglect in your social, physical and emotional areas of your life can be disastrous.

Simply put, neglect starts as an infection. If you don't take care of it at the earliest possible, it becomes a disease and one neglect leads to another and another and another. Continue to ignore it, neglect infects your entire system and leaves you feeling bitter, depressed, unsuccessful and incomplete. 

Neglect has the ability to empty all your chances at having the good things in life.

It's best treated earlier than late. 

  • What if you should be exercising on a regular basis for your good health and you don't?
  • What if you should be drinking 2 litres of water everyday and you don't?
  • What if you should be spending time with your family every day and you don't?

  • You should do it.
  • You could do it
  • You don't do it.
This, my dear friends is the formula for disaster.

Just drift along carelessly and pretty soon you'll find yourself eating what you don't like, wearing what you don't like, driving what you don't like, doing what you don't like and spending time with people you don't like. 

Do you know why we neglect areas of our lives?

Because it's DAMN EASY to do so people!

It was easy for me to write but also easy not to write.
It's easy to love your family but also easy not to love.
It's easy to walk around the block and keep fit but it's also easy not to. 

You see? Neglect along and the damn thing catches you by the throat. 

The key to making a masterpiece of our lives is no rocket science.
It's simply a matter of taking care of the things that matter to us. 

Here's 3 simple ways to stop NEGLECT in it's tracks. 

  Turn off distractions

Do we really need to receive email and social media accounts notifications while we're having dinner with our family, having a cup of coffee with a friend or while exercising?

We all know too well if we turned off our mobiles and television we'd have ample time to work on our projects and quality time to spend with our families and ourselves.

Come on! Think of all the important areas of your life that could do better with more attention and less neglect. 
Turn that phone off...of course after having read my post :)

Learn to say 'NO'

Are you a YES man? Well let's change that. Shall we?
You cannot go your whole life saying yes to everything and everybody.

Would you give up your health and family time just to please others?

Get a grip on yourself mate! Saying NO politely and explaining yourself if you want to..won't alienate anybody but instead set boundaries and gets people to respect you and your time. 

Do what's easy

Let's say you want to lose some weight. The obvious first thoughts will be to join a gym or sign up for a boot camp.

But little do we realize that the easiest way to lose weight is right at our door step...All we need to do is get out of the house and take a walk around the block.

Technology has made it easier too with the zillions of you tube fitness videos made available. How hard is it to get fit?

Do not neglect to do what's easy!

Stay away from all the complicated stuff and start doing what's easy!

When making a choice in life, do not neglect to live!

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